As some of you dear people will know, this year has brought about it’s fair share of challenges, saying goodbye to my most beautiful mother the hardest yet. I love you Rainy girl! x And as is so often the case, times like these lead you to re-evaluate, re-prioritise, re-invigorate those faded dreams.

The Laundry Room Press and Studio is in for some very large changes in the new year… An overwhelming desire to be back home in the country is the first step, hence my tiny little has been freshened and restocked with all those handmade creations that have taken up space in the studio for too long, yes it’s true that this restocking consists of a number of old market print’s but I can assure you that very few of them have ever seen the light of day so hopefully they are new and fresh to any onlookers.

The next step in the Laundry’s move is the creation of a new business and an exciting new art project… But that is a story for next time.

I hope you have all had a fortuitous year filled with inspiration, however if not, I hope like me you have found inspiration in the new possibilities that we DO find around the corner once we start looking!

Oh and if your after some cheap gifts this Christmas don’t forget all the amazing and unique stores at Australia.

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“You know the house looks like an aviary?” Yeah, yeah, yeah, but what do you think this one is? Having a little birdy fun at the moment as you may have guessed, soon though I will be taking part in an exhibition about femininity curated by the lovely . I promise there will be no birds in that one, not even any chicks!

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    Today the entries for the Banyule Award for works on Paper were due…                      The theme this year is ‘Of light: Reflections on Colour’, as anyone who knows me knows I’ve never quite made friends with colour! I love colour don’t get me wrong but I have never felt at ease with the use of it in my work, hence much of my work being quite neutral and only lightly stained in a gentle but random manner with a range of natural materials. So… Drawn by the desire to make some new work I set my self the task of getting a piece done for this prize, a prize all about colour! I must say I have really enjoyed it, so now lets see if you lovely people think it has been successful or not. x

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The next thing on my horizon is the biennial acquisition exhibition at Methodist Ladies College, opening Friday the 9th of August at 7pm in The Common Ground Exhibition Space 207 Barkers Road Kew. There are some brilliant artists who have been invited to contribute to this show so drop in as I’m sure it will be one to delight!



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Thank you for giving me free range to create these little babies for you! I loved every moment of this commission, from watching the cheeky little birds prance and dance around my parents back yard to figuring out how to make their heads look like Blue Wren heads, from staining the paper in order to distinguish the males from the females to the search for the perfect branch! (Much harder than you would imagine given the confines of the beautiful old vitrine which has then become their home!) I do hope your as happy as I!

For anyone else with any special commission requests please don’t hesitate to contact me via clicking ->  Best wishes to all!

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I have been pottering away on some new little critters of late, here is the first instalment! I love these little birds and have been watching them dance around the back yard of my folks house. I don’t know if it’s just the ones who live here but they seem to personify mischief, flitting around with a cheeky little glint in their eyes…

Thank you for inspiring me to bring these little creatures into my world! x


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Hello there!

Just a quick little note from me to let you know that my little store is now open with its first instalment of little creatures. Drop by for a sneaky peek, I’d love to see you there.

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